Air conditioning systems aim to create a pleasant temperature within a certain space. Especially in the summer, air conditioning is a welcome device to keep the climate in a home pleasant. Your air conditioning works with a closed fluid system. The liquid acts as a coolant. The liquid level can still drop due to, among other things, evaporation.

Once in a while you have to refill your air conditioning. If you do not do this then the operation of your air conditioning will decrease. In addition, the efficiency decreases resulting in higher electricity consumption.

Have air conditioning repaired at home

An air conditioning repair requires some expertise. That is why you can use a certified company for an air conditioning repair, such as the plumbers of the Plumber-Competitor. For example, the air filter of an air conditioner must be cleaned regularly. If you do not do this, it increases the chance of illness or allergies.

Best deal developer sales in Singapore will advise you on the purchase of an air conditioning system, but they are of course also available when your air conditioning needs maintenance or is broken.


An air conditioning unit contains a refrigerant that is called freon. The system of an air conditioning system is a closed system, but unfortunately refrigerant will always leak and be lost. In order for the air conditioning system to function properly at home, coolants will always have to be added in order to maintain the system’s excellent performance.


Refilling an air conditioner


For this you must hire a reliable aircon servicing Singapore. After they have removed the outdated refrigerant from your air conditioning, they connect the air conditioning to a vacuum system to remove all moisture from the pipes. Now any defects and leakage causes can be detected and repaired. Now filling can start with the new refrigerant. This will be injected under a high pressure and then the pipes will be capped again.

Air conditioning maintenance at home

On a professionally installed air conditioning system warranty is given on the system and the assembly. So in the first years you probably will not have any maintenance.

An air conditioning repair by an authorized company

If you want to make sure that your air-conditioning home repairs are carried out by a recognized specialist, you can call in the best technicians of Singapore from a well known service center. They have a great deal of experience with such repairs, and offer an officially recognized, certified repairer for cleaning and repairing air conditioning systems.

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